Fun House – The Stooges (1970)

Fun House - The Stooges (1970)

An album doesn’t get more rock ‘n’ roll than Fun House. Not only does this album rock like nothing else, it also rolls, “rolls” as in “grooves.” The ear-bursting guitars work in tandem with the rhythm section, and damn, does it fucking ROCK! It grabs you right from the beginning with a clutch of powerful rockers (especially T.V. Eye, which kicks off with its famous scream, (“LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORD!!!!”), but the best song here would be track four, Dirt. Iggy Pop screams, moans, grunts, whispers, shouts, occasionally even sings, and proves that he is arguably the most badass person ever to exist.

Choice Cut: Dirt
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