Oxygene – Jean Michel Jarre (1977)

Oxygene – Jean Michel Jarre (1977)

Electronic, Experimental

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Oxygene Part 2

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I find a certain charm in early electronic music. Analog synths tend to have an ethereal, VHS-like quality. Oxygene uses this quality to capture the spacy, sci-fi spirit of the then-young, burgeoning genre. It plays like the soundtrack to an epic journey into undiscovered territory (like electronic music in the 70s). Electronic music is often associated with dance, but this is a great example of the other side of the genre: the side often reserved for intellectuals interested in the boundless soundscapes that computers can create. Oxygene is that side encapsulated, a testament to the limitlessness of electronic music.

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  1. Raimause July 23, 2014 / 9:38 PM

    This definitely has a different sound than typical electronic music today. I put it on as some ambient music, and the songs blended into each other nicely in the background. I can’t really pick a favorite song because I don’t even know where one song started and the next began.

    I am going to try using this to fall asleep, I think it will provide a nice environment for my mind to drift off into.

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