Revolver – The Beatles (1966)

Revolver - The Beatles (1966)

One of the most important albums in history. It’s daring, diverse, melodic, and accessible despite the heavy experimentation – overshadowing everything the band had put out beforehand. It’s not only The Beatles at the heights of their songwriting ability, but them also at their most creative, containing a BUNCH of top-flight tunes, including acid-rockers (Tomorrow Never Knows, She Said She Said, I’m Only Sleeping… most of these are John’s), aching ballads (Eleanor Rigby, Here There and Everywhere… Paul’s, of course), and for the first time, songs by George that could compete with the best of Lennon/McCartney (Taxman, I Want to Tell You). It’s an amazing masterpiece of an album, and essential in understanding ’60s rock. You probably already have it, though, and if not you should get your fucking head checked.

Choice Cut: Here, There and Everywhere
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