Site Announcement: Finney Fights Crime, T4B Takes a Vacation Week

Finney is a rad guy. But he is not Superman. Between school, extracurricular activities, a part-time job, and an infinitely large cadre of women[citation needed], he’s stretched a bit thin. If you have the literary machete needed to cut through my impractically long previous sentence then you probably get what we’re trying to say. Finney has resigned.

For a little while, Tunes for Breakfast is going to be a two-person operation. Alex and I will be looking for committed music lovers who want to share their favorite albums. If you are interested, send us an email or maybe get to us through Twitter or Instagram.

Two more things, music lovers. After today, you won’t see us post again until 9/15 while we find more people to spread the workload. We have a backlog of posts, actually, but we want more than two people working on the site. It helps us bring a variety of tastes so that our Breakfast is the most palatable that it can be. Furthermore, we will stop updating our Facebook and Google+ accounts so that we can focus more on Twitter and Instagram.

Stay hungry! We won’t keep you fasting for long!

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