Sunday Brunch 10: Talk about artists who act dumb, but you think are secretly brilliant.

Many artists who make over-the-top music about partying. I’ll use LMFAO as an example. Songs like Sorry for Party Rocking seem superficially stupid, but they are so absurd that I suspect they may be a mockery of party music as a genre. Or perhaps it is a pastiche, making fun of dumb party music while simultaneously embracing it. It’s a ballsy move and I respect the hell out of it. There’s a tendency to think of partying as being stupid, but I know of people who have passed engineering exams with gutfuls of cheap beer. The world’s weird like that.

Kanye West somehow managed to become a huge idiot in the eyes of the public. He also managed to get his latest album loved by most critics. Now, I love Kanye but I wasn’t a big fan of Yeezus, but a lot of people liked that album.  How do you manage to get upset at handicapped people for not standing up, and compare yourself to Steve Jobs, Katniss Everdeen, Beethoven, and God, and still make a commercially successful album that was praised as forward thinking?  Say whatever you want about Kanye, but he’s living life the right way.

Frank Zappa was a sharp social critic (see Brown Shoes Don’t Make It, which is hilarious), he really could play his guitar (Willie the Pimp), and his career is probably the most prolific and diverse of any major artist in the twentieth century. But for all there is to LIKE about him, there’s also a lot to dislike. He can’t tell funny from shit, which means a lot of his ’70s records (Shelk Yerbouti et  al) often consist of blunt tales of someone fucking the most absurd things possible. There’s a difference between “crude comedy that’s FUNNY” and “cheap attempts at funny.”



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