Sunday Brunch 2: If you could send one album to the year 1950, what would it be?

I would send the first Rage Against the Machine album back to Senator McCarthy’s doorstep with a note attached saying “this is an accurate representation of the political views of Americans in 1992.” The note’s a blatant lie, but the guy needed to be trolled. Then I’d go back to the future, make sure the US didn’t turn into a dictatorship because of that action. Then I’d go back and watch his reaction. Or maybe I’d just blast Johnny B. Goode with my car windows rolled down, going 88 miles per hour. Seems easier.

I would send back Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue. “But Alex!”, you say, “Kind of Blue came out in 1959to which I say, “I don’t care, because 1959 is nine years after 1950”.  The reason I would send back Kind of Blue is because Miles Davis eventually moved on to jazz fusion and I wish there was another ten years of pre-jazz fusion Miles Davis.  I have never been big on the genre of jazz fusion.  I like jazz guitar, but the guitar styles used in jazz fusion never really meshed as well, in my opinion.

I would send Daft Punk’s Discovery back to 1950. Discovery consists of many reworked disco samples from the 51-year span from 1950 to 2001’s Discovery. It would be interesting to see reactions to not only what their music would evolve into in 25 years, but it would also show how those songs could be reworked into pop music hits another 25 years later.  Additionally, pioneers of the electronic/disco genres such as Giorgio Moroder would hear the songs on Discovery much earlier, causing electronic music to evolve at a much faster pace. We’d have dubstep as early as the mid-sixties!


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