Sunday Brunch 3: What albums will you one day share with your children?

I’ll get back to you in nine months. (Cue phone call from parents in…)

You have to be really careful what you introduce to kids. As much as I love The Money Store or other similarly offensive music, it’d be weird to introduce my children to it. Even with my musical expression wings clipped, I’ve still got a ton of safe bets I can share: most of Daft Punk, a lot of the Black Keys, White Stripes, Gorillaz. You’ll notice these are all big names of today, but to me, that’s what you raid your dad’s cassette cabinet for, anyway.

I’m not going to be my dad and blast Pretty Hate Machine in the car while driving around with my two year old.   While I would show my children all of the artists that Brandon mentioned, I would also introduce them to classic albums such as Ziggy Stardust, The Beatles, and Boy.  I would also introducing them to the albums of this generation like Room on Fire, Wasting Light, and Return to Cookie Mountain.  I  would also show them albums from the current time, of course, age appropriate ones.

I’d introduce my kids to a mix of my old music tastes (such as Journey and Foreigner) as well as my tastes in current artists (such as Foster the People and Miami Horror). The reason I’d do this is to expose my kids to a wide variety of music at a young age. This way, they can find which kinds of artists and songs they like. These artists and songs can leave a lasting impression on their musical tastes for the rest of their lives, which is something I missed out on as a child.

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