Sunday Brunch 6: What do you think future music will be like?

Since high school, I’ve watched two genres grow in pop music: EDM and indie. It’s seemingly contradictory since these two aesthetics were historically totally different: clean and snappy versus rough and low-fi. I think the blurred lines will keep getting blurrier. I think, and really hope, that the music of the upcoming 20s and 30s will be so eclectic that it will be difficult to classify genres because they’ll be all mixed together. Unlike our predecessors, the ability to make any kind of sound is in the hands of any kid with a laptop and a torrenting program.

Music is going to stay the same more or less. Listen to indie music from now versus the 1980’s of course it sounds different, but all the same elements are there. If you listen to hard rock, it’s the same case. Pop music? Same case. The only two genres that I feel have changed a lot are EDM and Rap music, and even then, the same basics are still found. Musical theory doesn’t change, and neither does the formula for making something popular. There will always be new twists, but at the core, it’s going to be the same.

The times they are a-becoming quite different. DIY music is bigger than ever. It’s mostly just people being DJs and one-man bands in their bedrooms instead of playing guitars in their garages. Gene Simmons recently (for some reason) made headlines when he claimed that “rock is finally dead.” Styles change, especially over 40 years. In 1974, Kiss wasn’t playing the music played in 1934. Why should the people of today be playing the music they played in 1974? Who knows, maybe there’s a huge vaporwave or bubblegum bass revolution right around the corner.

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