Sunday Brunch 8: If you could send one album into outer space for aliens to discover, what would you choose?

Who better to decide what to put on the next Voyager Golden Record than an amateur blogger on a nobody music site? It would have to be something diverse to portray what the world is like, but completely inoffensive. Representing the whole world? I don’t know nearly enough about music outside of the West. Caveats in mind, I’d pick the Beatles’ Revolver album. It’s a diverse listen, brief so the aliens don’t get bored, there’s no weak tracks, and it covers so much of the quintessentially human characteristics that we’d probably want them to know about.

Whatever the current Kidz Bop album is.  We don’t know if these aliens are hostile or friendly.  If they’re hostile, they’re going to listen to Kidz Bop and think “oh my, these humans have such a bad culture, they shall be no threat to us” and move on.  If these aliens are friendly, they shall think “we must save these poor humans from Kidz Bop” and they shall share their music with us.  It might not be all that great, but I bet you any money that I’ll genuinely enjoy it more than I enjoy Kidz Bop.

I would love to see Ágætis byrjun by Sigur Rós shot into space and taken to an alien planet so the locales would know that we Earth-people are capable of making utterly fantastic music. I have no idea what the lyrics are trying to communicate, I just know it’s beautiful.  It also reminds me of nature and why I love being outside. The common description of the album is that it is “icy” or “glacial,” which works, but it’s also very green and earthy. Sigur Rós may be an Icelandic band, but remember, “Iceland is green and Greenland is icy.”

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