Surfer Rosa – Pixies (1988)

Surfer Rosa - Pixies (1988)
Note: We used the SFW album art. The real NSFW deal can be found here.

How did we get to week 10 without talking about the Pixies? This is easily one of the bands I can gush about, and Surfer Rosa and Doolittle would be the main objects of my overabundant (but sincere) praise. The Pixies combine jagged, dramatic guitar riffs with lyrics about mythology and religion. Black Francis desperately yells his lines to the mic and this somehow mixes melodically with Kim Deal’s smooth back-up vocals. It’s a great dynamic. Amazingly, the Pixies are still relatively distant from common knowledge despite inspiring Kurt Cobain and, by proxy, much of music from then on.

Choice Cut: River Euphrates
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