Low – David Bowie (1977)

Low - David Bowie (1977)

“I’m gonna review Heroes. …Dammit, Ian! Okay… I’m gonna review Station to Station… Dammit, Ian!” T4B problems. The struggle is real.

This is a powerful testament to how much we like Bowie. He was always doing weird experimental stuff, switching up his style, and trying new things. We’re all about that. Low is essentially an album in two parts: the more “traditional” opening seven and the instrumental closing four. The opening seven are a mix of sounds appropriate for an arcade, 50s piano, rock riffs, and Bowie vocals. The instrumental tracks opened a rabbit hole to be discovered further later.

Choice Cut: What in the World

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Who’s Afraid of the Art of Noise? – Art of Noise (1984)

Who's Afraid of the Art of Noise? - Art of Noise (1984)

Well, I’m not afraid of the Art of Noise, but I can see how you could be intimidated. I can’t really pin it down as clearly ambient or experimental. It’s a bit aggressive to be ambient, but it’s not regular enough to be dance. AllMusic calls it dance-rock, but I don’t even think that’s quite right. Two things are for sure: it’s interesting and it’s good. Art of Noise is exactly that, art made out of odd sounds – vaguely industrial, vaguely dreamy, vaguely dancey, vaguely rocky.

Choice Cut: Moments in Love
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Fire – Electric Six (2003)

Fire - Electric Six (2003)

After first hearing Danger! High Voltage! for the first time, I wasn’t sure what I’d just heard. All I knew was that I wanted more of it. The first place I looked was its original album, Fire, and I didn’t have to go much farther than that. Fire is an album that is fun, hard rocking, and different all at the same time. There are songs that are goofy or funny and there are songs that have a more serious rock feel to them. The way all the songs blend the elements of hard rock and comedy rock produces an album that is a crime to miss out on.

Brandon’s Note: This is the first album all of us really wanted to write about…to the point of argument. So definitely pick it up.

Choice Cut: Danger! High Voltage!
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