Lazzarato – Jack White (2014)

Lazzarato - Jack White (2014)

Jack White is an eclectic person with an eclectic taste in music. Lazaretto is probably his most eclectic album. There’s a lot of songs in here that have an interesting juxtaposition of country rock and alternative rock. I don’t mean alternative country either. Jack White just kind of decided he wanted to make some songs with country rock and alternative rock influences and it worked. Jack White also keeps his Detroit blues-garage rock roots in his guitar playing. I don’t know how he manages to do all these things, but I guess when you’re Jack White, you just do it.

Choice Cut: High Ball Stepper
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The Velvet Underground – The Velvet Underground (1969)

The Velvet Underground - The Velvet Underground (1969)

Each of these ten songs represent everything I want a rock song to be. There’s slow, pretty ones of all kinds, fast, fun rockers, (What Goes On, Beginning to See the Light – featuring one of the greatest endings ever, where everyone gets together and sings “How does it feel… to be loved”), and interestingly weird ones, (The Murder Mystery, I’m Set Free – which inverts Heroin, turning it from a bleak, nihilistic tale into something gorgeous and uplifting). These blissful, beautiful tunes show Lou Reed was one of the greatest songwriters ever. I hope you didn’t need proof of that, but if you did, it’s right here.

Choice Cut: Pale Blue Eyes
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Benji – Sun Kil Moon (2014)

 Benji - Sun Kil Moon (2014)

Mark Kozelek  is one of the most personal singer/songwriters in the music scene, and his lyrics do not fail to impress on Benji.  Dogs is a song about all Kozelek’s past sexual relationships, and while it may sound raunchy, it is very somber. Pray For Newtown recounts where Kozelek was during previous mass-shootings, and reminds us of the tragedy that occurs when those events happen.  Kozelek knows how to pull at the heart strings in his song writing, and in a world of empty lyrics like “TURN DOWN FOR WHAT”, it’s much appreciated.

Choice Cut: Dogs
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