Paranoid – Black Sabbath (1970)

Paranoid - Black Sabbath (1970)

The strongest Black Sabbath album by a mile if you ask me. They’ve got a lot of good albums, and this is coming from a guy who’s not a huge metal fan. Seldom does rock come with riffs on this level. I played the title track in my Camry with the volume all the way up and the car actually melted ($100% true story). I haven’t heard so much raw power in an album since Raw Power. Even the slower, quieter Planet Caravan works really well, advancing the dark atmosphere of the album as a whole.

Choice Cut: Iron Man

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Pyromania – Def Leppard (1983)

Late Registration - Kanye West (2004)

When it comes to favorite albums of all time, Pyromania will always be near the top for me. This is a case of an album that has nearly everything going for it. Elements of glam metal are present in songs such as Rock of Ages and Photograph, where songs like Rock! Rock! (Till You Drop) simply rock hard like no other. Pyromania is like the poster-child for what every 80’s glam rock album should have been: glam elements exist but are only present when needed and the rock elements fill in the rest of the gaps. This album rocks hard, and it isn’t afraid to show it.

Choice Cut: Too Late for Love
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Screaming for Vengeance – Judas Priest (1982)

Screaming for Vengeance - Judas Priest (1982)


Choice Cut
Devil’s Child

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There are everyday metal albums, and then there are metal albums that stick with you for the rest of your life. Screaming for Vengeance is an album among the latter. This album is, in my opinion, one of the greatest albums in the entire metal genre. The production adds a unique feel to each of the songs and there is not one forgettable song on the entire album. The energy of Screaming for Vengeance is consistent from the opening riffs  through the echoes of the final song. Words simply don’t do this album justice.

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