Singles – Future Islands (2014)

Singles - Future Islands (2014)

Singles is an appropriate name for this album, because that’s what this album sounds like: a collection of singles. Singles kind of acts like a greatest hits album for songs that were never released by Future Islands, and because of that there isn’t a bad song on this album. Not only does this album not have a bad song, the vocals from Samuel T. Herring are pretty amazing. If I had to make a list of strongest singers of 2014, Samuel T. Herring would be the entire top five because of the set of vocal chords that guy has.

Choice Cut: Seasons (Waiting On You)

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If You’re Feeling Sinister – Belle and Sebastian (1996)

If You’re Feeling Sinister - Belle and Sebastian (1996)

If you like your pop snarky, quirky, and full of great melodies so adorable that you forget the songs are populated by depressed, listless, arguably insane people with all sorts of sexual kinks, then this album is for you. The Fox in the Snow is one of the most gentle, gorgeous songs to ease my troubled mind and a good song to listen to when I’m ready to let my romantic ideal lifestyle take over. A fine alternative to the chest-beating, alpha-male bullshit that British music was marinating in at the time. The best album of 1996; their best album.

Choice Cut: Get Me Away From Here, I’m Dying
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69 Love Songs – The Magnetic Fields (1999)

69 Love Songs - The Magnetic Fields (1999)

Successfully defines any feeling I’ve ever had related to love. Merritt’s voice is great throughout, as are those of his guests. The stylistic and emotional range on display is ridiculous. I love the concept and most of these 69 love songs are very, very good ones. The magic about 69 Love Songs is that you don’t NEED to listen to all of it in a single sitting. You can randomly play any 10-15 songs from the three volumes and you’ll always end up with a beautiful pop experience. There will never be a 3-disc album this good again. Ever.

Choice Cut: The Book of Love
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Torches – Foster the People (2011)

Torches - Foster the People (2011)

When I first heard my friends raving about Foster the People, I assumed they were just another no-name pop group that would pass in a couple years. Still, I checked out the album Torches just to see if I was right and I couldn’t believe how wrong I had been. The album nothing short of blew me away with how different it was from so many other popular albums of the year. Songs such as Pumped up Kicks, Call It What You Want and Don’t Stop (Color on the Walls) were incredibly easy to get into, and I can guarantee that anyone will find songs they enjoy on this album.

Choice Cut: Call It What You Want
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