You’re Dead! – Flying Lotus (2014)

You’re Dead! - Flying Lotus (2014)

I’ve already covered how Flying Lotus is the grand nephew of jazz greats John and Alice Coltrane, so when I say that this album is a jazz album, that shouldn’t come as a surprise. You’re Dead! is primarily about death, which usually comes with connotations of darkness and heaviness. This album isn’t really dark or heavy though. Sure, this album can get a little slower at times, but I would never say it’s depressing like a lot of music about death is. This album is jazzy, full of life, and experimentation. Kind of an interesting paradox really.

Choice Cut: Dead Man’s Tetris

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Joe’s Garage- Frank Zappa (1973)

Joe’s Garage- Frank Zappa (1973)

You know, this is probably the weirdest album I’ve ever listened to. Joe’s Garage criticizes big government, censorship, Catholicism, rock journalism. This album satirizes Scientology and contains a tribute to Zappa’s bodyguard and anal sex. Somehow this album also manages to do this within the context of a story, accompanied by some of the greatest, most forward-thinking rock music. There’s a wide range of opinions on Zappa’s politics and morals, but it can’t be denied that the man made some of the most forward thinking rock music for his time.

Choice Cut: Why Does it Hurt When I Pee?
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Choice Cut
Flashing Lights

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I found BADBADNOTGOOD when I started listening to hip-hop about a year ago.  I started with the Odd Future collective, when I heard about jazz covers of their songs, I had to see it to believe it.  BBNG2 is not all cover songs, and in fact their original work on this album is some of my favorite music of the past two years.  However, their cover of “Earl” and their mashup of “Bastard” and “Lemonade” is what drove them to fame. To me, their epic version of “Flashing Lights” is what puts this album up there with the jazz greats.

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