13 Songs – Fugazi (1989)

13 Songs - Fugazi (1989)

Another album from 1989? Groovy! Famous for five-dollar concerts and punkish, Pixies-esque hooks, Fugazi tears into to social BS with great fury than they do their guitar strings. Fugazi doesn’t mind one bit telling you what they think of sexism or acting tough when you’re not. Also, the bass is pretty great, as well. How often can you really praise a bassist? (You’re not allowed to say Red Hot Chili Peppers or Primus…that’s cheating.) The bass intro on Waiting Room, combined with the sudden stop shortly into the song really sets the tone for this album.

Choice Cut: Waiting Room
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You’re Living All Over Me – Dinosaur Jr (1987)

You're Living All Over Me - Dinosaur Jr (1987)

Suggested by Denis Fitzpatrick, one of our Twitter followers, Dinosaur Jr. is a really good example of college rock. It’s also a good example of how to make hard-hitting rock…or good music, in general. It’s more than just simple bludgeoning riffs, because it also thwarting rock tropes and expectations. The vocal delivery is uncannily similar to Morrisey of the Smiths, which is a compliment because its fun to think about the Smiths taking a sludgy turn. It sounds fresh enough to avoid becoming a fossil and classic enough to avoid going extinct.

Choice Cut: Sludgefeast
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