Trans-Europe Express – Kraftwerk (1977)

Trans-Europe Express - Kraftwerk (1977)

Although Autobahn was undoubtedly their most important work to the outside world, Trans-Europe Express was a massive album for Kraftwerk themselves. After the ill-received Radio-Activity, Kraftwerk must have known that their next album needed to be brilliant, lest the band become curious one-hit wonders.  So they went and made a brilliant album. Revisiting the transportation theme of Autobahn, Trans-Europe Express bridged the conceptualism of their earlier work with a new outlook – futuristic, robotic pop. With the delivery on every song so stiff and sharply angled and the only organic sounds being human voices with as little inflection as possible, it sounds like it was actually made by robots.

Choice Cut: Europe Endless
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Brandon’s Post Note: I’m partial to Hall of Mirrors.

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